Mission Statement:

Relieving the effects of poverty through efficient effective charitable projects and events.

Charity Synopsis:

Just4Aid was set up in 2018 by its Trustees to provide efficient adhoc charitable events in the UK and in Pakistan in its efforts to alleviate poverty.

Just4Aid was intended as an alternative to larger more inefficient charities with an intention to provide a system whereby all donations would be used directly to facilitate the project and events it was sponsoring.

A core ethos of the charity is that the administrative costs would be paid by the trustees themselves rather than through any donations raised.

Due to the Trustees contacts and historical ties it was agreed that the charity would focus it endeavors in the UK and Pakistan.

Its initial event was an eye camp in Sahiwal a provincial town in Pakistan and due to the success of the same the Trustees now hope to make this an annual event.

Whilst the Just4Aid was only set up in 2018 the preparations for the inaugural event were initiated over two and a half years ago and due to the success of the Initial eye camp the trustees hope to make the event an annual event.

100% Donation Policy.

In October 2019 we hosted our second Eye Camp! Head to our Eye Camp 2019 page and check out our pictures from the event!