Eye Camp 2019

Charity Event

After the success of our Eye Camp last year we decided to head back out to Pakistan and host another 3 day event where we again helped many people of all age with any eye problems they may have had. This was done through the process firstly finding out what type of treatment they needed and then provided patients with medicine or an operation.

Here at Just4Aid we are truly humbled by the success of the Eye Camp and grateful for the donations received and all our volunteers who helped set up and carry out the event. We cannot deny it was a tough three days but giving back to the community and seeing the happiness on the faces of people helped made it all worthwhile for us.

To give you all a glimpse of what our Eye Camp 2019 was like, we though it would be great to share some pictures from the event!

Day 1 Eye Camp

Day 2 Eye Camp

Day 3 Eye Camp